“Make the most of yourself…for that is all there is of you.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


I have trained with Arnold for years and can tell you from personal experience that he will carefully customize the training program for you to make you the best you can be.

 Dr. Mercola, Founder mercola.com


“Great to have the knowledge of Arnold Kolozsvari available on such a through website. he has been one of our best resources to get Miss Florida USA ready for the biggest stage in all of pageantry. Glad to call him a part of our Miss Florida USA Family.”

Grant Gravitt Jr., Executive Producer of Miss Florida USA


Every human being has unique characteristics and qualities that enable them to achieve their own version of success. At Pageant Training, with Arnold Kolozsvari and Jaclyn Dicks, we believe that one’s individuality is to be celebrated and developed to unveil the best version of YOU. Whether you are a seasoned contestant or preparing for your very first pageant, we offer a realm of services to prepare you for your next endeavor and guide you towards SUCCESS.

Well aware of this, Arnold can get your body into pageant winner shape – anytime, anywhere. Whatever your fitness level may be or wherever you are located, Arnold can design a training program specifically for you based on your individual needs. His goals are your goals – to get you into your best shape possible and to help you WIN!

Learn How Arnold & Jaclyn Can Prepare YOU!

With years of professional training experience and a variety of clientele, Arnold can design and modify programs for all body types and fitness levels. You can virtually workout anywhere (home, gym, or on the road), and make use of a variety of simple exercise equipment or even no equipment at all. The options to get you in your best shape possible are limitless! If your goal is to trim down, tone up, or even if it’s to add more shape to your figure, Arnold is the trainer you want. He has trained countless pageant contestants and many winners (see Testimonials page). Because of his proven success, Arnold knows how to help YOU succeed.


Jaclyn has been a client of Arnold’s since the age of 17, and cannot think of anyone more dedicated to helping others achieve attainable fitness goals and manageable lifestyles. Additionally, Jaclyn has had over 14 years of pageantry experience both as a competitor and judge. Jaclyn specializes in interview preparation, on-stage presentation, personal styling, talent development, and many other facets of competition to assist you in making your envisioned goals become a REALITY.

Our services (available in-person or via Skype) include:

-Personal training/ Nutrition

-Interview Preparation

-Contestant Paperwork

-Platform Development

-On-stage Presentation

-Wardrobe/Personal Styling

-Talent Development

-Hair/Make-up Consultation

-Mock Pageant/Interviews

-Pageant Bootcamps

-…and so much more!



For pricing information or to further discuss individual services, please do not hesitate to visit our Contact Us page, and we will promptly respond to any inquiries!